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Let look ahead to sunnier days.What will the memo say when oil prices recover? What will happen when positive cash flow and investment starts trickling again?’The trend is up’: World’s largest oil traders say market has hit bottom of the barrelCanadian oil and gas companies struggling to sell assets amid price routMartin Pelletier: Investing tax tips that all Canadians can use, but Albertans may need mostFlashback: The last time commodity prices recovered after a crash was back in 2010, following the Financial Crisis. A barrel of oil rebounded from $35 to $80 in a little over a year. For the most part, Humpty Dumpty was put back together again and the business of oil and gas resumed investing in traditional upstream projects big offshore platforms, oil sands projects, large conventional fields and budding tight oil plays.In Canada, recovering upstream cash flow with access to easy debt and equity, begat a quick return to spending by companies.

I not allowed to tell you why!” change in the Obama administration transparency defying lockdown of the TPP text comes after a wave of high profile pressure on the administration to release the text. Year produced a steady drumbeat of congressional calls for TPP transparency, including a letter from 132 members of Congress USTR that protested the “needless secrecy” of the deal. September, an online petition calling for a “transparent and accountable” TPP process garnered more than 700,000 signatures.

They say she took the easy way out. Yet one year after skating purists vilified Tara Lipinski for turning pro at age 15, the Olympic champ seems to have it anything but easy. Sure, the grueling practice sessions and nit picking judges are gone. I have been looking through these forms for a while now and trying to make a decision about my next move. I have narrowed my choices down to Greenville SC and Knoxville TN. I am 30 years old and married. We are originally from Western PA outside of Pittsburgh but currently living in Las Vegas. I love the weather and scenery out in Vegas but that’s about it. I am tired of the California feel, overpriced housing, crime, and overly rude attitudes.

After systematically dismantling her competition, Elena Vesnina,6 2, 6 0 in the Wimbledon semifinal on Thursday, Williams fielded questionsfrom reporters. She was asked about her serve. She was asked about if she thought female tennis players deserved equal pay even if their matches are shorter.

People, especially strangers, don want to waste their time dealing with your bullshit. And this isn even about mind reading, it about basic social skills and self awareness. You shouldn have to be a mind reader to know that some things are completely inappropriate..