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Christophe Guilluy : tant donn l’tat de fragilisation sociale de la classe moyenne majoritaire franaise, tout est possible. Sur les plans gographique, culturel et social, il existe bien des points communs entre les situations franaises et amricaines, commencer par le dclassement de la classe moyenne. C’est l’Amrique priphrique qui a vot Trump, celle des territoires dsindustrialiss et ruraux qui est aussi celle des ouvriers, employs, travailleurs indpendants ou paysans.

8 points submitted 4 months agoJust about everyone ran a half marathon today, so after eating three slices of pizza and a piece of cake, I got changed and went on a run. Seemed like a good idea.My goal walking out the door was to run 13.1 miles, but beyond that I was pretty open. Didn have any kind of time goal, no route in mind, etc.Around mile 11, based on some napkin math, it looked like I was going to finish in a little over 100 minutes.

After completing all the training you should have the skills to locate, evaluate and close your own investment deals right? The only problem is doing that can be hard work, and nobody wants to do the hard work. Instead of finding your own deals, Gurus often have great deals ready for you. Since they are the expert, their deal must be the one for you..

If the CSR is approved, then consider double dipping both CSR and CSP on the same day. Just note that getting both bonuses requires $8k spend in 3 months. If you want to do this, let me know and I can explain how best to do so. It’s basically a treadmill with a doughnut around it to keep you from crushing your goggles between the floor and your face. It’s currently being phenomenally funded on Kickstarter as a tool to allow you to run around and shoot things in video game worlds. But what’s stopping ThriXXX from developing their own version for your adventurous sex? This is the next logical step in their line of products, at which point we will have evolved into a species that wears giant goggles while trying to impregnate exercise equipment..

The Pendleton Round up starts this week an amazing rodeo adventure in Pendleton, Oregon, celebrating its 102nd year. Our designers travel there for inspiration, entertainment, and to watch our westernwear in action on rodeo competitors and fans. Oregon Public Broadcasting has a video titled “Pendleton Round Up: The Wild West Way” that’s well worth watching, and Cowboys Indians magazine has some great background..

The Atom Z540 is at the high end of Atom Processors which were originally developed for mobile devices. They pull less power so that battery life is improved. Although the Atom Z540 Processor is a single core HyperThreading is supported. For instance, coronagraph are another way astronomers are attempting to refine their search efforts. Consisting of tiny instruments that are fitted inside telescopes, coronagraphs block the incoming light of a star, thus enabling telescopes to spot the faint light being reflected from orbiting planets. When paired with spectrometers, scientists are able to conduct studies of these planet atmospheres..