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As noted above, the names of the camps lead to a lot of confusion until people learn more about them. The Nike Blue Chip camp is usually called either Jake Reed or Nike BlueChip. Blue Chip 225 camps are usually just called 225. It also recently acquired the concept store called Story, which rotates themes and what it sells every few months, and brought Story founder Rachel Shechtman aboard to create better shopping experiences at Macy combination of healthy stores, robust e commerce and a great mobile experience is Macy recipe for success, said Jeff Gennette, Macy chairman and CEO, in a statement.A strong job market and higher confidence are also helping shoppers get in the mood to spend. The Commerce Department reported on Wednesday that Americans shopped at a healthy pace in July.The National Retail Federation, the nation largest retail trade group, raised its annual sales forecast earlier this week, citing better than expected sales in the first half of the year because of tax cuts and an improving job market. It now expects annual retail sales to rise to 4.5 per cent from the original projection of 3.8 per cent to 4.4 per cent growth.

“We see them all the time in the fashion and retail stores, as well as the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. The latter [are] the bolder and vibrant online variations of type only logo designs that work to cut above all the visual noise one finds online. The Facebook logo brings a calm yet firm aesthetic.”.

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