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Howard claimed she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. The university has “no record of such a degree,” and has always awarded marketing majors with a bachelor’s degree in business. Howard’s major at Miami University was not marketing, but retailing.

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Tension between China and the West has been inching up over the past year. There have been disputes over everything from Google’s stand against censorship and protectionism to China’s trade surplus, the valuation of the yuan and the problem of North Korea’s thuggery. Bad relations do not help anyone, and they certainly don’t solve any of the very real economic problems the world faces.

Remember all those struggles, failures and hurdles you had to overcome to get to where you are today?No one suggesting you throw the employee to the wolves and hope for the best. Be there along the way to offer guidance and ensure they have the resources to get the job done. Otherwise, step back and let them figure it out.