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That Warner/Comcast merger (“The WC,” probably) would cause 30 million customers to fall under the same umbrella, while the DirecTV/AT one (“DirecTV would result in a ball of 26 million subscribers. More people would subscribe to that one company than live in Australia.Those are scary numbers, but wouldn’t the FCC stop something like that from happening? Nope, they’ve already said they wouldn’t do shit about the Warner/Comcast one, because technically, there’s little overlap in the areas covered by both companies we’re sure the fact that the FCC is run by former Comcast lawyers and TV lobbyists is just a funny coincidence. What they’re conveniently overlooking is that, even if these companies weren’t directly competing with each other, the resulting hypermegacorporations would be big enough to bully everyone they do compete with into having their own way.

The Zoom Air unit is located in the midsolearea. This shoe is ideally suited for runners that land on their toes or mid foot. Lighter weight heel strikers could possibly get away with this shoe over shorter distances, though I would be cautious about venturing into anything above a 10k for fear of injury..

(On Friday, Nike shares dipped 31 cents to $44.78 on the New York Stock Exchange. Foot Locker shares rose 13 cents to $13.40, also on the NYSE.) Then Nike took action, according to SEC filings. It slapped limits on the top of the line shoes Foot Locker would get even if it wanted them..

Amazon is keeping a tight lip as to the details regarding specific kinds of deals that will be available during this year event. But to drum up interest, the e retail giant says there will be exclusive deals and promotions launching everyday until July 10, starting today. Today special deals include a four month subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited for $0.99 (it normally $7.99 per month for Prime members); up to 40% on Kindle Unlimited subscriptions; and 40% off the first six months of subscriptions to Audible, which allows you to list to a huge library of audiobooks and original programming..

The Dead South whose singers look like Hutterite doubles of Annas and Caiaphas from Jesus Christ Superstar and the Deep Dark Woods both demonstrated there nothing like a good old band to get people up and moving. The vocals in both acts, so good. And that scorpion banjo in Dead South, tied for coolest instrument on the weekend with every single instrument the Mavericks played especially those accordions and La Dame Blanche classical flute, which she mixed with Cuban traditional singing and booty shaker hip hop.